Our Team Members

Our Team Members


General Assembly

Mary Joy Development Association is membership organization. The general assembly is the highest governing body that are highly committed for the well being of children, mothers and wider vulnerable community groups.  The general assembly is composed of 60 members with diversified social and professional background, such as university academicians, researchers, private sector, consultants, media professionals, celebrities, artists, community based organizations, mass based associations, faith based organizations, and volunteer individuals. This highest governing body of MJDA undertakes a meeting once in a year, and  is responsible to give directions, review and approve the organization annual performance both finance and program, approves annual financial and programmatic plan.


There is a board comprised of seven people (3 females and 4 males) coming from various sectors such as Private sectors, Civil Society Organizations, government institutions and consulting firms. The board meets every quarter, in case of needed undertakes extra ordinary meetings, responsible to review quarter reports both financial and program, oversee the organization programs and make decisions, engage in fund raising and provide directions and strategic advice for the management. Moreover, there is advisory board responsible to provide technical assistance to the board on policy and long term strategic issues.

Board members

  • Mr. Yismashewa Seyoum……MA, Marketing, Private sector, Zeki Transport Owner
  • Mr. Amare Kassa……………….MA, Banking and Finance, Private company
  • Mrs. Worknesh Daba…………BA, Teaching, Executive Director of NGO
  • Sr. Yemisrach Habtamu……..Diploma, Private Sector Employee
  • Mr. Aynalem Yigzaw…………  MA, Social Science, Private Consultant
  • Addis Zelekaw… MA, Public Administration and Management, Government employee                    
  • Kassaye Lema ….MA, Business Management  

Members of advisory board

  • Debebe Ero , …………. PhD, Instructor Addis Ababa University (Chair Person)
  • Getachew Demissie    PhD, Executive Director, Alliance for Development, NGO (Private consultant) 

Our Executive Team

The Executive team is led by Executive Director, Program, Administration and Finance, Directors, M&E Unit leaders that are responsible for the management of day to day activities of the organization. In total, the team members have ample experiences in the program management, resource mobilization and community mobilization, program management etc