Organizational and Community Capacity building

Organizational and Community Capacity building

Organizational capacity building

pay due attention on organizational capacity building so as to bring remarkable upshot on responsiveness, transparent and good performer.

  1. Community Capacity building: Mary Joy intrinsically highly valued community participation as one of stamina for sustainability. The program has various capacity building activities such as training, financial and material support for Income Generating Activities and technical support targeting community groups that partnered in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project. By and large, this component spiraled on community empowerment.

Community and local government institutional capacity building program:

is one of the four thematic areas that the organization works on. The basic reason why the program is made part of the organization is due to the following four assumptions:

  • It avoids duplication of efforts
  • It improves networking and partnerships
  • It enhances community ownership and sustains programs, and
  • It facilitates social change and transformation from the “not-in-my-backyard-attitude” towards” “ I am responsible” in respect of development and humanitarian causes and interventions

The targets include Iddir leaders, School principals, Teachers, Health workers, Professionals, Administrators, Law enforcement bodies, peer mothers, youth leaders, women association leaders, club leaders, peer educators. The major services provided by this program component include: training, experience sharing, material and financial support, technical aid, and awareness rising.